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Groupe Côté-Textiles

More than 20 years of textile expertise.

Located in the Rhône-Alpes region, our group is made up of 2 entities (Côté textiles and IBE textiles colors), allowing us to control the entire value chain, from design to production.

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Coté textiles was created in 1999 near Lyon.


During the first years, the company was selling plain textile fabrics to ready-to-wear brands and French clothing companies.


Côté textiles rapidly acquired a team of designers in order to be able to offer its customers its own custom-printed creations. Today, 40% of its team are stylists, allowing us to anticipate trends and meet the specific expectations of our customers.

Widely present internationally, the group is currently positioned among the 10 biggest European players in the sector. We count among our clients groups such as the Beaumanoir Group, Inditex or Promod.


IBE Textiles Colors, is our production facility based in the Drôme Region near Valence. It joined the group in 2006.


This acquisition enabled the group to master the entire value chain, from design to production.

This acquisition has also enabled the group to take a step forward in terms of flexibility and efficiency.

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                   OUR KNOW HOW                


Côté textiles consists of a team of 40% designers.


As an expert and responsive team, it offers creations in accordance with the latest trends.


By constantly anticipating trends we are able to respond effectively to specific expectations of our customers.


Our group, a true expert in the short circuit, benefits, thanks to a continuous and sustained investment policy, from a production equipment at the cutting edge of technology.


Digital inkjet printing allows us to offer a large choice of samples, making the possibilities for customizing designs almost unlimited.

In parallel, we also maintain traditional / mechanical techniques (washed fixed, pigmentary, transfer).


We offer diversity and responsiveness while offering French manufacturing.


Creating, producing and then delivering quality fabrics with very short deadlines, in France or abroad remains our priority.


Our IBE TEXTILES COLORS factory has its own metrological laboratory to carry out all the necessary tests to be able to guarantee high standards.


All our productions are visited and tested before shipping.


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